Confusing that Argyll is a surname and also the name of an old Scottish county – Argyllshire. W & S Smith (1850) records this pattern as Cawdor Campbell. Wilson records it as Argyll in 1819 (No. 230) and refers to an Argyll tartan in a letter of 1798. W. and A.K. Johnston (1906) calls it …

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MADE for Augustus, Earl of Inverness, sometime prior to 1822. Logan used this sett to illustrate his method of recording tartans in his book, ‘The Scottish Gael..’, published in 1831. The territorial designation of this Royal tartan makes it appropriate for use as a district tartan in the town and county of Inverness.


Fife, bounded to the north by the Firth of Tay and to the south by the Firth of Forth, is a natural peninsula whose political boundaries have changed little over the ages. The Pictish king list and De Situ Albanie documents of the Poppleton manuscript mention the division of the Pictish realm into seven sub-kingdoms …

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