“The origin of this tartan is uncertain and it is generally accepted as a district tartan. It is known to have existed as early as 1797. One of the original specimens of this tartan can be found in the West Highland Museum in Fort William. 1819 KPB. Scottish Tartans Society notes add that it was …

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THE Colquhouns derive their name from the Barony of Colquhoun in Dunbartonshire. In Alexander II’s reign Humphrey Kirkpatrick was granted a charter of these lands of Colchoun. His successor, Ingram, took the surname of Colquhoun of Colquhoun, married the “Fair Maid of Luss,” and so acquired that estate. There were three branches of the ColquhounsΒ—of that Ilk, of Kilpatrick, and of Luss. Luss became the chief seat of the family. Sir Humphrey Colquhoun of Luss received other lands from James IV. Sir Humphrey, 17th Laird of Luss, fought against Rob Roy at Loch Lomond. He died in 1715, when the estates and chiefship passed to his daughter and her husband. Grant of Pluscarden. Their son, James Grant, on his succession, took the name of Sir James Colquhoun of Luss. He fell heir to the Grant estates, and, resuming the name of Grant, was succeeded in the Chiefship of Colquhoun and estate of Luss by his second son Sir Ludovick Grant. He in turn succeeded to the estates of Grant, Luss going to his brother James, who was made a Baronet in 1786, and died the same year. He was succeeded by his son, Sir James, whose great-grandson, Sir James, 5th Baronet, was succeeded by his cousin, Sir Alan John, in 1907.


THE Camerons are of pure Celtic ancestry; and Cameron of Lochiel is the chief house of the Clan. Ewen, younger son of Ewen, 13th Chief of Lochiel, was the founder of the house of Erracht. Donald, 2nd of Erracht, joined Prince Charlie at Glenfinnan, where, under Lochiel, he was second in command of the Camerons. His daughter married Cameron of Scamadale, and had a son, Lieutenant Alexander Cameron, who led the Camerons during the last three hours of Waterloo. His eldest son, Sir Alan Cameron of Erracht, K.C.B., went to America, and with the 84th, or Royal Emigrants, helped to defend Quebec against Arnold. In 1793 he raised the 79th or Cameron Highlanders. Sir Ewen Cameron of the main line Β—LochielΒ— was one of the greatest cavaliers during the Civil War. His loyalty was perpetuated in Donald Cameron of Lochiel, one of Prince Charlie’s staunchest friends in 1745. Achnacarry is the seat of the Camerons of Lochiel.