THIS is a Celtic clan. Their country was the western shore of Loch Lomond. They took their war cry from Loch Sloy, at the foot of Ben Voirlich. They are descended from Duncan MacGilchrist, mentioned 1296, brother of Mulduin, Earl of Lennox. His grandson was Bartholomew (Gaelic, Parlan), from whom the clan is named. Malcolm received the lands of Arrochar in 1395, but the male line failed, and the lands were forfeited. Andrew MacFarlane married a daughter of the Earl of Lennox, and succeeded in 1493. Sir John MacFarlane fell at Flodden, and Walter MacFarlane of Tarbert was killed at Pinkie in 1547. The clan fought against Queen Mary at Langside. In 1608 they slew Colquhoun of Luss, and were outlawed. In 1644-45 they fought for Montrose. Major-General MacFarlane gallantly captured Ischia, in the Bay of Naples, in 1809. In 1624 many of the clan settled in Aberdeenshire under other names. The last Chief is supposed to have gone to America at the end of the eighteenth century. His house of Arrochar became the property of the Duke of Argyll.

Graham of Menteith

MALISE GRAHAM, a junior grandson of Sir Patrick the Graham of Dundaff, ancestor of the ducal house of Montrose, married Euphemia Stewart, Countess Palatine of Strathearn, of which dignity James I deprived them, but created Malise Earl of Menteith in 1427. William, 7th Earl and Lord Justice General, established his right as Earl Palatine of Strathearn in 1630; but this aroused such envy that his confirmation was recalled, and the arms of Strathearn were ordered to be “dashed out of his windows.” He was created Earl of Airth in 1633. His son, Lord Kilpont, was murdered under dramatic circumstances by Stewart of Ardvoirlich, as recorded in Scott’s Legend of Montrose. William Graham, Lord Kilpont’s son, succeeded his grandfather as Earl of Airth and Menteith, but little was left of the estates. Since his death in 1694, the Earldoms of Airth and Menteith and Strathearn have been dormant. There are many cadets of the Grahams of Menteith, of whom the most celebrated are the Grahams of Gartmore and Ardoch, descending from the fifth son of the 1st Earl, and of which house the Scottish patriot, R. B. Cunningham-Graham of Ardoch, M.P., was lately the representative.