THE Clan Macquarrie is Celtic. They first appeared in possession of the island of Ulva and part of Mull. John Macquarrie of Ulva died about 1473, and is the first prominently mentioned. After the forfeiture of the Lord of the Isles they followed the Macleans of Duart. In 1504 MacGorry of Ullowaa was summoned for rebelling with Donald Dubh, who claimed the Lordship of the Isles. In 1609 Andrew Knox, Bishop of the Isles, received as King’s Commissioner at Iona the submission of Ulva and other Chiefs. In 1778 Lachlan Macquarrie of Ulva sold his property and became a soldier at the age of sixty-three. When the old 74th Regiment, Argyll Highlanders, was raised, Lachlan Macquarrie became one of the officers. The Macquarries of Ulva became extinct in 1818.