THE ancient home of this clan has ever been Castle Menzies at Weem in Perthshire. The three-davoch land of Weem was, in the reign of Alexander III, confirmed by John, Earl of Atholl, to Sir Alexander, son and heir of Sir Robert de Meyners. His descendant, Sir Robert de Menzies, 1479-1523, got Weem erected into a Barony by James III; and in 1510 James IV ordained the house to be named Castle-Menzies. It was reconstructed by James Menzies of that Ilk, 1571. Sir Alexander Menzies of that Ilk was created Baronet, 1665. In 1746 Sir Robert, 3rd Baronet, entertained Prince Charlie at Castle Menzies, his kinsman. Colonel Ian Menzies of Shian, having raised a regiment for the Prince. Sir Neil, 6th Baronet of that Ilk, raised the clan to welcome Queen Victoria at Loch Tay in 1842 ; and in 1894 under Sir Robert, 7th Baronet, the Clan Menzies Society— which now owns the Auld Kirk of Weem— was established. The Baronetcy expired with Sir Neil, 8th Baronet, in 1910 ; and on the death of his sister, Miss Menzies of Menzies, the chiefship is understood to have passed to Steuart-Menzies of Culdares and Arndilly.