COWAL was originally the home of this clan. On the coast of Glenfyne, there stood in 1750 the ruins of MacEwan’s Castle. The first MacEwan Chief on record lived in 1200. From this date there were nine chiefsΒ— Swene MacEwen, the 9th, was the last of the Otter Chiefs. In 1431-32 this Swene granted a charter of certain lands of Otter to Duncan, son of Alexander Campbell. This was the beginning of the transference of the MacEwan estates to the Campbells of Argyll. The MacEwans were hereditary bards to the Campbells, for which, we are told, they had free lands. Neil MacEwan composed a Gaelic elegy on Sir Duncan Dow Campbell of Glenorchy in 1630. There is a manuscript in Cawdor Castle, entitled “Genealogy Abridgement of the very Ancient and Notable Family of Argyll, 1779,” written by MacEwan, hereditary sennachie and bard.