Rothesay Hunting

This is also worn by Prince Charles but retains its original name of Rothesay Htg and is not referred to as ‘The Duke of Rothesay.’ Details from J.Cant via Sindex. He worked in the 1940s hence the suggested date for this setting. This pattern is simply a colour change of G and R of Wilsons’ …

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Stuart of Bute

Variants, Stuart, Steward, Stewardson.Β  Walter Fitz-Alan received from David I the office of High Stewart of Scotland, and was progenitor of the House of Stewart. Alexander the 4th Stewart left two sons, James and Sir John of Bonkyl. From James descended the Royal Stewarts, from Sir John the Bonkyl branch. Walter the 6th Stewart married …

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THE MacAulays are Celtic in origin. Their chief seat was Ardincaple, in Row, Dunbartonshire. Ardincaple was probably built in the twelfth century. At one time they dwelt in Kintail, and some think they belong to the Lennox family. It is said the original name was Ardincaples of that Ilk, util they took the name of a chief called Aulay. Aulay is mentioned in various charters by Malduin, Earl of Lennox, whose death took place at the beginning of the reign of Alexander III. Aulay was the Earl’s brother. His son and successor, Duncan, or MacAulay, Knight, is also named in the Earl’s charters. Subsequently, in 1587, Sir Aulay MacAulay is enrolled as among the chief vassals of the Earl of Lennox. A branch of the clan went to Antrim, in Ireland, and acquired the lands of Glenerm. The last portion of the clan territory passed out of the hands of the 12th Chief in 1767, when Ardincaple was sold to the Duke of Argyll. Lord Macaulay, the historian and essayist, belonged to the Clan MacAulay of Lewis, first on record in 1610, and a separate clan from the MacAulays of Ardincaple.


THE Camerons are of pure Celtic ancestry; and Cameron of Lochiel is the chief house of the Clan. Ewen, younger son of Ewen, 13th Chief of Lochiel, was the founder of the house of Erracht. Donald, 2nd of Erracht, joined Prince Charlie at Glenfinnan, where, under Lochiel, he was second in command of the Camerons. His daughter married Cameron of Scamadale, and had a son, Lieutenant Alexander Cameron, who led the Camerons during the last three hours of Waterloo. His eldest son, Sir Alan Cameron of Erracht, K.C.B., went to America, and with the 84th, or Royal Emigrants, helped to defend Quebec against Arnold. In 1793 he raised the 79th or Cameron Highlanders. Sir Ewen Cameron of the main line Β—LochielΒ— was one of the greatest cavaliers during the Civil War. His loyalty was perpetuated in Donald Cameron of Lochiel, one of Prince Charlie’s staunchest friends in 1745. Achnacarry is the seat of the Camerons of Lochiel.