MacNicol or Nicolson

THE origin of this clan is difficult to determine, but Skye seems to be their native place. The Nicolsons held the lands of Scorrybreck, Skye, from about the middle of the eleventh century. A history of the MacDonalds, written in the reign of Charles II, makes mention of MacNicol of Portree. In 1263, at the battle of Largs, Sir Andrew Nicolson, a Danish knight from the Isle of Skye, commanded one of Haco’s ships. Members of the family settled at Lonfeaon, Penefiler Aird, and elsewhere in Skye, but Nicolson of Scorrybreck was always looked upon as the head of the clan in the west. Norman Nicolson of Scorrybreck emigrated to New Zealand, and his descendants still subsist there. The arms of the ChiefΒ— representative of ScorrybreckΒ— are duly recorded in Lyon Register. The late Alexander Nicolson, LL.D., advocate, distinguished himself in the Celtic field. Born at Hugobost, Skye, in 1827, called to the Bar in 1860, he was commissioned to report upon the state of education in the Highlands in 1865. He was also a member of Lord Napier’s Commission appointed in 1883 to inquire into the condition of the crofters.